CCTV Security Systems

Business CCTV and security systems are an essential for a lot of businesses to prevent their property from damage and/or theft. Commercial grade CCTV cameras will help you, as well as your employees and customers, feel more secure but can provide vital evidence should the worst happen. WellandTech uses leading edge camera and recording technology when installing CCTV security systems for your business. We are able to tailor a system to suit your specific needs and requirements.

We will provide a full analysis of your premises considering important factors such as any weak spots an intruder make be able to take advantage of, the proximity of your neighbours (including a CCTV privacy and impact assesment), and any operational restrictions such as limits on lighting or noise levels.

We are then able to design and install a fully bespoke surveillance system that is suited specifically to you. You will be able to monitor your system via high quality imaging anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection - to give you that extra peace of mind.

Research has shown that with criminals increasing in sophistication, CCTV in and around a premises does reduce the risk of a crime taking place. The potential intruder is more likely to move on to another premesis that does not have a CCTV system installed. Additionally, CCTV for your business can deter employee crime, and even reduce the indicience of liability claims.

No matter if you want to monitor your premises, street trafic, internal views, or anything else, our up to date CCTV systems are both effective and affordable for all businesses. A typical installation may include:

  • Full HD 1080p Cameras (able to provide evidential quality images)
  • Dome cameras, or cameras able to tilt/pan/zoom1
  • Full HD 1080P HDD DVR Recording
  • Remote access via a smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Motion and tamper detection as well as inteligent video analytics

Maintenance & Servicing

We are able to maintain and service CCTV systems from a variety of vendors, even if we have not installed them in the first place. Cabling and other external elements may degrade over time and need replacing and WellandTech can do this in a prompt, professional, clean manner, as well as being able to check and improve the transmission of your data to your HDD DVR and any third party remote service.

CCTV servicing should be seen as a proactive and not a reactive service. We have seen many incidents where a crime may have been committed, and only then does a business discover its security system has not been working correctly. Get ahead now and get in touch to find out how we can help. Many IP based cameras and recording devices will be issed with firmware and patch updates when a vulnerablility is found. We can make sure your cameras and recoding equipment all have the latest security software so you can be sure that your business is kept properly protected.