Development Services

Web Development

It's important that your business and its web precence is right. It defines your brand, your products, and your services. It must be professional whilst still being attractive and welcoming to potential new clients and customers. Perhaps most importantly of it it must answer the question of why these clients and customers should choose you rather than your competition.

It goes without saying that a successful website depends on more than just the basic design - it must be built well from the ground up. A well put together site that is easy to navigate and quick to respond will keep the attention of potential customers and improve the chance of winning their business!

At WellandTech we beleive that a website must be planned as carefully as anything else in your business. We will first get to know you, your business, and your goals and ambitions - before designing and building a site that truly fits your individuality. An important question that is far too often ignored is who you want your website to reach and what you want them to do? How are you going to make your brand attractive online? With our help you can get these answers right and ensure that custom is never far away.

We use a state of the art content management system (CMS) to give power of your website back to you. We don't beleive in charging for little changes that need to be made now and again, or making you wait days or even weeks for your site to be updated. A CMS gives you the power to design and update your website. Using a simple online layout and editing tool you can dynamically change text, images, links, video and even add new pages as your site grows.

All of our sites are written in the very strongest web standards, ensuring that they are compatible across different browsers and on different devices. More than half of web traffic is now via mobile devices - so it's important that your site should reflect this and work well on smaller screen sizes.

Application Development

It's impossible to fit all businesses into a specific category and very few will work in the same way. At WellandTech we understand that there are many different situations where an off the shelf product or application will only partially meet your needs. We have the agility and skills required to build you a truly bespoke solution, ascertaining how your business works and using the technologies we have available to let you achieve your goals. We will never give you "just" a solution, and will always find the right solution tailored just for you.