EPOS Systems

WellandTech are able to offer competitively priced EPOS Systems to suit all budgets. It doesn't matter if you are a small start-up or a large established business - we can provide solutions tailored specifically for you. delivering retail and hospitality EPOS systems to all types of businesses from bars, restaurants, coffee shops, newsagents, retail stores, leisure centres and many more, our modern systems include the latest advanced functionality.

Our systems can offer you time saving functionality including inventory control, customer relationship management (CRM) full financial reporting, promotions, bookings, serial tracking, and loyalty management.

Any system that we provide will be customised to your specific needs and requirements - as we understand that each business will be different. The systems can be configured to handle promotions (such as buy one get one free, happy hours, meal deals, and anything else).

Want to stand out from your competitors? We can customise the aesthetic appearance of your EPOS system to match your individuality and reflect your own brand. Those in the hospitality industry will be pleased to know that we offer fully waterproofed (and certified) hospitality terminals - reducing the worry of those unexpeceted spillages and accidents over a busy evening!

EPOS System Advantages

Having an up to date EPOS system can save you time and money by integrating with a number of other business systems, providing them with information they need for you to outperform your competitors. A well designed system can simplyfy your stock control and ordering systems as well as providing you with detailed sales reports for marketing and accounting purposes.

  • Pricing Accuracy: Having accurate and up to date pricing eliminates possible staff errors during a sale. In turn this helps to keep your pricing consistant and your customers well informed!
  • Employee Tracking: An EPOS system will record your employees activity - you will always be able to see who did what, and when they did it. It becomes much easier to track staff performance and accountability. In other markets where this metric may be less useful and EPOS system can still help you to see who has been voiding transactions, issuing refunds, or even dealing with a particular customer. All of this information is continually recorded, reducing fraud and keeping everyone honest.
  • Reporting & Stock Control: You can easily and quickly produce stock analysis reports, evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns, and have data ready for auditing and accounting. No matter what data you require, if the system is collecting it you will be able to report it! Having an up to date and accurate picture of your stock will help you to get your ordering right, reducing wastage, and decreasing the time it takes to respond to changes in customer behaviour.
  • Transaction Speed: Speeding up your sales transactions will not only help to increase your employees productivity but also give your customers a great experience. An example of this would be a restaurant setting, where not having to take each order into the kitchen manually means your employees are avaliable for your customers more of the time. The better looked after your customers are, the more likely they are to return!