IT Support Services

Our full range of IT support services make sure that our clients have as little downtime as practically possible by addressing issues before they grow into much larger problems.

WellandTech fully understands just how important IT systems are to any business, and the better they are running, the better the business is able to operate. IT problems can occur unexpectedly and even a very small amount of downtime can often result in deadlines being missed, customers being let down, or in some cases even worse.

Our IT support services are proactive, meaning we are often able to prevent failures and stop mission critical system problems before they even occur. We can inspect your systems (both hardware and software) and by monitoring the performance, identify and prevent issues at an early stage.

Some of the key benefits of a proactively based IT support system include:

  • Extending the overall as well as useful lifespan of your equipment, increasing your inclusive return on investment
  • Identifying and removing potential risks before they become a problem
  • Decreasing the amount of hardware and software failures, thereby increasing your systems uptime

On-Site IT Support

We pride ourselves in being a reliable IT support company. Let us take care of all of your IT needs and requirements, giving you the time to concentrate on the other aspects of running your business. We are fully qualified and able to support:

  • Hardware systems and servers from a wide array of vendors
  • Software systems including bespoke applications that may have been built specifically for your business
  • General infrastructure such as wired and wireless networks, routers, modems, printers, as well as anything else you may have
  • User issues including general use of your systems, user problems, and even application training
When using our on-site IT support services we can guarantee you that we:
  • Can restore any lost functionality within a very short time period
  • Can minimise your overall downtime
  • Give you access to a dedicated account manager and a 24/7/365 support helpline
  • Will provide you on site support Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00, and 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturday. Specialist out of hours support is also available outside of standard hours, and we will always have a member of staff on call

Remote IT Support

One of the most valuable tools that we are able to offer is our remote IT support. Since an IT problem can happen at any time, without warning (and usually when you are least expecting it), some of the services that we are able to offer remotely include:

  • Remote virus, spyware, and malware removal
  • Server monitoring, updating, and general healthcare and maintenance
  • Remote device monitoring, including all systems and applications that you may be running - including proactive healthcare
Our remote access is highly secure, to give you to confidence that all of your data, sensitive information, customer details, and important files are always in safe hands. Using our remote IT support services ensures that:
  • Time spent problem solving is reduced as we are able to do this using our own highly sophisticated and specialist remote systems
  • Risks and costs related to IT infrastructure downtime are greatly reduced
  • Costs associated with IT support (including travel, staff management, and more, are massively reduced

To find out more about how our tailored range of IT support services can help you and your business, please contact us today!