Telephony & VOIP Systems

WellandTech makes it easy for your business to improve its communications through a choice of diferent platforms. Our business telephone and VOIP systems work across a range of vendors hardware and software and provide an affordable way for your employees to stay connected with your customers. No matter if your employees are in one location, spread nationwide, or even mobile, our solutions can make them more efficient and avaliable - boosting overall productivity.

With a choice of on premises and cloud (Hosted) options, we are able to not only reduce overall operational costs, but provide greater levels of flexibility. Adding to your system as your business grows is easy, so whether you're an established business or a new start up - we will have a solution to suit you! Teamed with low cost calls and full ownership options - our systems are a stable and informed choice.

On Premises Phone Systems

It's important to keeo your employees and your customers connected at all times, and with innovative products from our carefully selected partners we can make this happen. Specially designed to increase productivity and overall efficiency, our advanced call answering systems can improve communications between your employees as well as with your clients and customers.

WellandTech are pleased to be able to work very closely with our partners, giving you access to market leading technology at a very competitive price. This means that you'll always havea ccess to the latest functionality and features no matter what your budget constraints and communications requirements.

Our on site telephony systems improve your call routing, manage any queueing requirements you may have and can even offer remote or mobile employees the same great features. Our platform uses dedicated hardware and software to combine the very best data networking services, as well as a traditional switching architecture. You'll be able to set up calling groups, schedule messages, and make sure that important callers get priority access. Our systems can grow with your business to offer a flexible and reliable solution.

Hosted (Cloud) Voice System

Hosted voice is often refered to as VOIP (Voice Over IP), and is a cloud based telephony system that routes your calls via the internet. It can integrate with both in office as well as mobile handsets to bring you all of the features of a traditional in office telephone system whilst offering a fantastic saving on installation fees and a low cost pay monthly fee.

With a hosted voice solution, you only pay for what you need, making it ideal for growing businesses. As it works on a pay monthly basis, you simply pay for the number of users and lines that you need - and once more there is no up front installation cost! It's also great for mobile workers allowing your team to communicate regardless of their physical location. You can integrate voice with traditional messaging systems on your business network with easy interaction and a low monthly fee. With a hosted voice system from WellandTech:

  • You can save money - making calls over your internet connection removes the need for dedicated telephone lines.
  • You can integrate your other systems for chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, and colleague avaliabliity and calendars.
  • You can use a wider array of devicse to connect including dedicated handsets, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Ensure you never miss a call again!